7-12: Transition to Chapter 2

*Forgive the mess!*

Dear Friends:

Those of you who followed Getting to Know Why as it unfolded online prior to the appearance of installment #20 may have noticed that ten installments have disappeared from GettingtoknowWhy.com.

They disappeared because we took them down.  

We published these installments only to un-publish them because of a longstanding disagreement between I and Dr. Why over the role creationism should play in Getting to Know Why.

The extent to which my overwhelmingly negative valuation of creationism has prevailed over the course of Why’s life is an important theme of GTKW, so you’ll find no spoilers here.  But this installment reflects the fact that Why has come to agree with me concerning the role creationism should play at present in this story of his life.

The installments published to this point comprise GTKW Chapter 1, which reflects throughout on Why’s youthful engagement with the creationist movement.  This note marks the transition to Chapter 2, which recounts certain formative experiences Why had as a child.  Why’s hope for Chapter 2 is that it function now as a sort of prequel to Chapter 1 and later become Chapter 1, such that readers can warm up to us before the inevitable, off-putting discussion of creationism.  Whether we in fact follow this course remains to be seen.

It is at present unclear to me how indulgent our future treatment of creationism will be.  I would prefer to discard all of the material we just cut out except The Mythic-Man-Breasts Subseries (a series of four reflections on the joke that ends #2).  Why, however, believes that installments #7 through #12 (on young-Earth creationist method and theodicic creationism) should be pasted back in farther along in the series.  Time will tell how we settle this disagreement.

Chapter 2 is so far comprised largely of essays written exclusively by Why, such that I have momentarily been relegated to the role of mere editor of our series.  We will return to our dialogue before the end of Chapter 2.

Please join me now in #13 as I reminisce about my first meeting with Dr. Why!

Cheers and warm greetings,

To rent a dedication line or to comment on GTKW, write to Dr. X at contactdr.x@gmail.com  or to Dr. Why at contact.dr.why@gmail.com.

All rights retained by the authors.

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From Getting to Know Why #1: "You may have guessed from my title that I’m a PhD. Suffice it to say that I’ve pursued advanced studies with profound minds in each of the Big Three (science, philosophy, and religion), and have lived and worked on several continents, sometimes as an academic. I mean by the X that I’m no one in particular. I remain anonymous to protect my subject: the fascinating Dr. Why.


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