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Why’s Wise English writing & editing services

Dr. Why expects that some who visit gettingtoknowwhy.com will wish to employ his language talents for “practical” ends like profit and PR.  He therefore created Why’s Wise English: a writing and editing service that exists to fund Dr. Why’s quest after the meaning of life.

You already know Dr. Why as Dr. X’s brilliant junior collaborator on Getting to Know Why: the unorthodox-yet-authorized semi-auto/biography of Dr. Why.  But Dr. Why is also the President, CEO, board of directors, and sole wordsmith here at Why’s Wise English.  Interested?  Contact Dr. Why at contact.dr.why@gmail.com.

Whys Wise English ad 1 panel 2Whys Wise English ad 1 panel 3Whys Wise English ad 1 panel 1To promote Why’s Wise English, Dr. Why has started publishing short advertising editorials (often called advertorials) in the same newspaper that publishes GTKW.  This page archives the ads he’s published.  So read on to learn why you should hire Dr. Why to craft the texts that represent your company.

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Whys Wise EnglishFirst Impressions

Ever been too awkward to win a heartthrob?  Rejected over details for your dream job?  I have too.  Like it or not, first impressions matter enormously.

One response is to stay with what your peers liked least in your first attempt to impress.  Rebellion works surprisingly well sometimes, even on heartthrobs.  I once knew a rebel named “Dirt” who wore multicolored hair and lime green socks.  He frolicked free as a man can be before he met a girl in rainbow dreadlocks.

It just goes to show that even rebels fall for first impressions.  And of course they do.  It was already several weeks after Halloween when an acquaintance called “Staph” dressed me in black and abducted me to her favorite basement goth club.  My attempt to interpret pounding bass and screaming vocals with moves inspired by 40’s swing embarrassed her so badly she bit me.  Suddenly I fit right in: nobody’s gother than a zombie’s midnight snack.

As in love and goth, rebellion also has its place in business.  But even among rebels, success requires strong first impressions.  I hope my strong contributions to Getting to Know Why persuade you that Why’s Wise English could strengthen your textual first impressions.  I can’t promise heartthrobs or dream jobs, but I can edit love letters and resumes; and my writing is such as to make rebels want to swing with squares.

Top quality isn’t cheap: I charge five cents per word for editing, twenty for writing.  That’s a bargain, if you can swing it.  All proceeds go toward funding my quest after the meaning of life, and that’s no joke.  Persuade me to believe in what you’re doing for a discount of up to 100%.  Advertorials to be published here in NLE also merit special pricing.  To read more of my work, visit gettingtoknowwhy.com.  For further information, contact Dr. Why at contact.dr.why@gmail.com.

All the best!

Dr. Why